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'History is not about dead past, but can help us create a better tomorrow’ firmly believes V Sriram, businessman, music lover and historian who researches on Indian culture and heritage. His passion and knowledge is revealed to the world through the books he has authored, the talks he gives and the walks he takes people along. Sriram explained that his interest for music got flamed very early in his childhood by his family of music lovers and his love for history came much later.  His family moved to Calcutta from Chennai and growing up in Calcutta, the visual impact of the old British buildings kindled his curiosity.

He continued his education in Delhi and the monuments in old Delhi captured his imagination and he started to dwell deeper into the subject.  He spent his time reading books and acquired a lot of knowledge on the subject.

Sriram was back in Chennai to get involved in his family business of hydraulics and software development. He then set about taking steps to create awareness about historical buildings among people and was one of the first to organise walks in Chennai.  It was in 1999 that he guided a group through the first heritage walk in the city and from then his walks have always stirred a lot of response from people. Every year during the Chennai week celebrated in the month of August he gives several presentations about the city of Chennai. In the December season, he takes people on walks. The journey by foot along different routes in Chennai is flavoured with stories from this historian, thereby taking them through journeys back in time, giving them a glimpse into the rich heritage of the city of then Madras, now Chennai. He has also given talks on the humorous aspects of Chennai fashion.

Sriram has authored 5 books so far and is working on releasing another 3 very shortly. He is the associate editor of the paper ‘Madras Musings’  giving an insight into Chennai.  A very effective orator, he gives several inspiring talks on music and history providing a lot of information to his audience. Sriram has also won several awards and recognition for his contribution to this field.

Sriram expressed his views that the current education system has made reading history, geography and civics more exciting for school children and feels that more youngsters should take interest in the subject. Reading history in detail and analysing past mistakes of administration, will help us create a better future for the generations to come.

The brief chat with Sriram brought out his natural sense of humour making the conversation with him both informative and appealing. Sriram seems quite comfortable and at home handling his different roles as a businessman and historian. It is also quite evident that where there is passion to tread a different path, finding time is one’s own doing. Carving a niche for himself, Sriram is truly an inspiration to emulate!

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Written by Mala

Posted on 28/01/2011

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