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Education can cause the required change and progress in the society and teachers play a solid role in creating the destiny of the nation by moulding the children into responsible people. A man who donned the role of a teacher from his young days, Phalgunan has done so much in his capacity to reach out to the society. Phalgunan came to Chennai in the year 1976 and joined a school in Chennai as a teacher. Even while he was a teacher he thought a lot about how the society needed changes and how it could be brought about by ensuring that education reached the

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Birthdays are occasions to celebrate and birthdays of kids in the family bring with it a lot excitement to the entire household.  The home of Lakyntina Lyngdoh Lakshmanan (Tina) was no exception and she found her celebrating her sons’ birthdays year after year with lots of enthusiasm and energy.  Every time she also found herself clearing unopened and repetitive stuff from her home and donating it to homes and other under privileged children. In the year 2009,

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Every seed sown has the potential to grow into a forest is so often demonstrated when we see small beginnings turn out to grow and flourish as happenings making a huge impact on the society. The Ojas Education and Charitable Trust is one such example which informally dates back to more than 18 years. Priya Krishnaswamy and Lakshmi Viswanathan, founder trustees of

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‘Right to Health for every child’ is such a noble vision and a huge responsibility.  The founder of Ekam who has coined this vision and working towards this goal says this intention was born out of frustration and helplessness she had experienced when she worked in a Government hospital as a Paediatrician. Dr. Sai Lakshmi spoke with so much passion

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A few families came together and decided that they had to take an initiative to serve the society and so was born Mellow Circle in the year 2000 to help children.  Mellow Circle decided to work and help children with HIV infection lead better lives. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)


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RASA is an NGO that works for the rehabilitation of children and people with mental and other challenges and help them develop their full potential by the structured application of the Theatre Arts as therapeutic tool. Rasa is also dedicated to the propagation of Our Rich Indian Cultural Heritage via the experiences of Dance, Drama, Music, Story Telling and Arts & Crafts.  Rasa - The Experience of Art was set up as a business venture by Dr. Ambika Kameshwar to duly support the work of and the rehabilitation of the special people coming into the orbit of the NGO Contact us at : 044 2499 7607 / 044 6528 1970
Email us at : rasa.experience@yahoo.in, https://www.facebook.com/RasaSriyam



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