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Indian tradition is fascinating and when some people chance upon interesting insights into it, they get hooked to it, understand the depths and want to spread the knowledge, thus researched. Pritya books is the outcome of such an opportunity leading Pratibha Jain and Jigyasa Giri to pursue the path, bringing out two award winning cook books.  ‘Cooking at home with Pedatha’, and ‘Sukham Ayu’ has received an overwhelming response and the creators are very excited and happy to share how it all happened. Pratibha is from an academic background having completed her doctoral studies

Going Gaga PDF Print E-mail

Chennai is known for being conservative and traditional with a rich heritage and has so much which can be earmarked as being unique to this city. Three women who are hard core Chennaites at heart realised that this city does not have products that can be souvenirs for visitors to take back as memories of this place and also for the people of Chennai to cherish and possess.

'Annam' served PDF Print E-mail

Drive to be on her own, time on hand and the interest to pursue something constructive induced Jansi Rani a home maker to get into the catering industry.  Seven years later, she is well established and as passionate as she was when she began to give quality home made food to corporate employees. 

Spreading the Shade PDF Print E-mail

'The Banyan’ always gives the feeling of vastness, expanse and shelter. True to its name, ‘The Banyan’ an organization established in Chennai is  taking care of the mentally challenged and homeless, providing shelter and  rehabilitating them to follow a purpose in life.

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Chennai is witnessing a lot of interesting events being presented on the stage with innovative ideas being developed and one such performance was a ‘Whistling’ show wherein the art of whistling was showcased in a very unique and wonderful manner.


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RASA is an NGO that works for the rehabilitation of children and people with mental and other challenges and help them develop their full potential by the structured application of the Theatre Arts as therapeutic tool. Rasa is also dedicated to the propagation of Our Rich Indian Cultural Heritage via the experiences of Dance, Drama, Music, Story Telling and Arts & Crafts.  Rasa - The Experience of Art was set up as a business venture by Dr. Ambika Kameshwar to duly support the work of and the rehabilitation of the special people coming into the orbit of the NGO Contact us at : 044 2499 7607 / 044 6528 1970
Email us at : rasa.experience@yahoo.in, https://www.facebook.com/RasaSriyam



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