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Modern day Indians have recorded history wherein its widely believed India has evolved over the years into a secular state because it has native Indians from different faiths – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and many others. This land accommodates many faiths, embraces it into its culture and evolves with them, is a popular statement. We have recorded history of India being invaded by Alexander the Great, the Afgans, the Lodhis, the Mohammedens, the French, the Dutch, the Portuguese and of course the British. In time India remained and retained its originality and was inclusive to these foreigners

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Evolution is desire manifestation, the culminated desire of a species’ physiological needs attribute to the evolution of that species over time. Why is a Lion not striped, whereas a Tiger is! It’s because of their respective desires to hide and hunt in the unique habitats, lions live in dry grass lands and tigers in dense forests, as their needs are, so it evolves physically. How does the system of evolution work? What are its attributes? This writer is not equipped to answer those questions, but knows that the same principle applies to our day to day living too. What we desire, so does our future become.

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Karma is discussed extensively in ancient religions of this soil. Karma is explained as a sum of all that an individual has done, is currently doing and will do. In the modern world where the scientific mind needs a proof before accepting anything and everything one might want to ponder on what Newton’s third law of motion states, “for every force there is an equal and opposite force ” essentially meaning for every action, there is an equivalent and opposite reaction. When we accept Newton’s third law then we may tend to accept Karma too, because Newton’s law of motion applies to all energy and man is nothing but another form of energy manifested in human form.
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Every audience of this e-newswire is obviously a Personal Computer (PC) user.  How does the PC work? We give an input by typing on the keyboard and like magic what we type exactly reflects on the monitor. Big deal! We all know that’s the least PCs are expected to do.

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I have always wondered why most men land up taking New Year resolutions? What is the significance of a New Year? Is it just the date on the calendar or is there more to it? I chanced upon to find out that the English calendar we follow globally signifies that New Year actually is the phase when winter ends and spring begins.

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