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The Neem tree has been cultivated in India for more than 6000 years and it is thought to be of divine origin in India. It is grown in a lot of South Indian temples.  The different parts of the neem tree are very useful as it has a lot of medicinal properties. It is considered a wonder for mankind.

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Banana plants are grown in several countries world wide and are considered very auspicious in South Indian rituals and many of its parts have a lot of medicinal value. Banana Stem (vazhathandu) extract is used to treat kidney stones.

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A variety of mixtures can be prepared at home as liquids to cure adults of common ailments and they are called ‘Kashayams’.

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In the olden days there used to be an old lady in every house to give advice when a baby is born in the family on how the baby should be brought up.  Some tips from the home made medicines given by these old women to take care of the child, helps in ensuring that the child is relaxed and happy.
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Few more tips for mothers to take care of babies. When the child has fever, never allow the temperature to rise. The child can be kept inside an air-conditioned room. A quick bath can be given twice a day in normal water. A piece of white cloth rinsed in tap water can be sponged on the forehead, hands and feet of the baby. The cloth should be wetted when it gets dried and this process can be repeated till the temperature comes down.


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