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Women Walk

Empowering women is her motive and with her mother tongue tamil as her medium, Nalini Sampathkumar has set out on a journey to inspire women through workshops and awareness programs.  Nalini who was born and brought up in Chennai has gone around before she decided to settle down in home town Chennai and focus on the development of other women. Nalini moved to Singapore after her marriage and was a home maker. It was in Singapore when she realised that she had some time to spare, she started getting involved with the Singapore tamil radio. She enjoyed her stint there reporting in Tamil and then she wrote for magazines and also did a few television programs.

Ventures Anew
Gormei Market

 Chennai has multi cuisine restaurants springing up everywhere and Chennaites are responding by showing willingness to experiment with food. More people from Chennai are travelling across the globe and therefore more exposed to different foods. In these changing times, Sriram Sridharan and Anand Chandrashekaran felt they could get together and start a retail outlet ‘Gormei Market’ to give people plenty of quality food options to buy from and at the same time a good shopping experience. Interestingly, Sriram and Anand went to the same college in Chennai and finished their MS. They lived in the US for over a decade but met only about a year ago after they had returned to Chennai.  Both of them had wanted

Chimer of the month
Melody Synchronised

Passion for music, dedication to their work and devotion to their Gurus were evident as I chatted with the famous singing duo who took the Carnatic music world by storm over 20 years ago, exhibiting enormous potential as teenagers. ‘Priya sisters’ Shanmugha Priya and Hari Priya spoke very cheerfully about their lives for Chennai Chimes in a very leisurely manner. Shanmugha Priya and Hari Priya spent their early childhood in Chitoor in Andhra Pradesh where they started learning music from their father V  V Subbaram.  Their mother also used to sing very well, so they grew up in a musical environment. Their father who taught music

Cure Corner
Sports Medical Care

Indian Premier League (IPL) 5th year came to an end last week after an entertaining two months and didn’t we all feel the excitement in the air with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the closely fought finals and Chennaites wishing for a hatrick win. Just two days after the finals, I met a man who has been behind the scenes Dr. Madhu Thotappillil, orthopaedic surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist and the official doctor for the CSK and found him relaxed and cheerful and back to seeing his regular patients in the clinic

Leisure Pursuit
All in the mind

I was curious to meet this 85 year old woman I had heard about and was pleasantly surprised to be received by her at the door with an enthusiastic smile. It turned out to be a lovely chat with Dr. Meenakshi Thyagarajan who is currently working on compiling a set of short stories in English written by her maternal grandfather Madhaviah. It was inspiring to hear about her grandfather’s life from her as she recounted to me all what she had heard from her mother. Madhaviah was a great novelist who was born in the 19th century. He had a government job but wrote in his spare time. Dissatisfied that he could not spend much time writing,

Chennai Echoes
Toys Reach home

‘Learning through fun’ is becoming a popular concept and so we find a lot of educative toys in the market.  Understanding this trend, Santhosh Subramanian, an engineer who worked for a multinational company decided to start ‘Bambaram’ an innovative venture. In a chat with him where he shared his views with Chennai Chimes he stated that he felt that children should enjoy the benefits of all the toys that are available and he felt the only way was to have a toys library.  Bambaram is an online toys lending library and has been in operation since June 2010. Santhosh explained that Parul Sarin who worked for a few years


Events @ Chennai

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